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Typographic Poster Series

It's My Write: 3 Influential Writers

Project Description

Using experimental typography to communicate the specific influence of three different authors. 

Concept Development

The project started with researching each author, reading exerpts of their work, and narrowing down a focus for each poster.

Free-play explorations generated concept ideas

Concept sketches

First digital iterations

Concept Refinement

The new concept incorporated a quotation from each author’s work that expressed their desire for change. Interwoven with the quotation is a word that expresses the future they aspired towards through their writing.

Rabindranath Tagore spoke out against the inequality he saw in India, expressing a desire for unity and freedom.

His poster focuses on his desire for harmony and freedom.

Gabriel García Márquez wrote magical realism stories that expressed a longing for change.

His poster expresses the idea of magic interwoven with reality to emphasize his desire to remember the past.

Toni Morrison used vivid and mystical stories of identity and inheritance in her writing.

Her poster focuses on her desire for equality and peace in America.


Tagore’s poster uses blue to represent equality and freedom and orange to symbolize his love for India.

Marquez’s poster uses green to represent reality and purple to represent magic.

Morrison’s poster uses red to represent protest against injustice and blue to represent equality. 

Final typefaces 

Arial Black quickly grabs the attention and is readable from both far away and close up. Each letter is distinct and clear.

Mozer has a tall x-height and a modern sans-serif look and is suitable for large and small print with its versatility and legibility.

Final Solution

Concept title: Exposing the past for a better future.

Each author has a unique approach to incorporating their culture and history in their writing. They each spoke out against injustice from their past that they wanted to see abolished in the future.

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