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Learning By Design Lab  |  Experiential Exploration Program Semester  |  Spring 2024 

SeeType Variable Font Letterform Animation

I spent a semester working with Reneé Seward as an Undergrad Research Assistant at the University of Cincinnati’s Learning by Design Lab.
SeeType is a dynamic font that combines the improving technology of variable fonts with recognizable icons to provide easy cues for readers to teach phonetics. SeeType morphs from letterforms into familiar icons to remind individuals of the sound of the letter.
I worked within the Glyphs app to animate the letterform transitions, working to keep them smooth and subtle to minimize the movement.

English Uppercase "A"

English Lowercase "p"

Additionally, I was given the honor of working with Urvi Prabhu on an extension of SeeType that explores how the dynamic font can be applied to the process of learning the Hindi language. 
I worked as a part of the team to animate the letter “ka-deva” that corresponds to the C/K sound in the English language. 
It is important to note that because this project focuses more on language learning, it was important for the icons and transitions to maintain the integrity of the original letterform for maximum recognition.

Hindi "ka-deva"

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