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Professional design training 

Creativity & Concept Development Studies

A collection of designs that explore image obscurity and reveals, intrigue, feel/tone/story, synchrony, illusion, subtlety, clarity, shock, printing effects, dwell time, color, emotion, texture, depth, impact, and various photoshop techniques. 

Imagery, message, texture
Message, color, emotion
Double exposure, clipping masks, harmony, texture

Creativity, intention, impact

Dwell time, intrigue, message

Color, intrigue, image manipulation

Color, imagery, layering, sketching
Message, emotion, depth, composition, harmony
Concept, image manipulation, texture

Feel, tone, look, experience, emotion, composition

Tone, composition, depth

Printing techniques, embossing, die cuts

Concept sketching: loose style practice

Storyboarding Sketches

Photoshop Filter Exploration

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