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Learning By Design Lab  |  Experiential Exploration Program Semester  |  Spring 2024 

Pre-school Children’s Books Animation

The Changing Seasons
Still image animation

Project LEARN builds on the University of Cincinnati’s Learning by Design Lab’s aim to progress literacy through providing science topics in the form of educational books to help children primarily develop their language skills. The content of the books provides important scientific information to further increase the educational experience of practicing their literacy.  
I worked with the augmented reality tool, Artivive, to bring the animations to life within the physical books. The Artivive app recognizes an image and plays a corresponding uploaded video on the device. This resource provides educators with numerous possibilities in helping children understand and remember the concepts.
I spent the first half of the semester in Adobe After Effects and Photoshop animating still images and graphics within the books to provide more effective visual explanations to the complex science topics. I additionally tested how pre-existing content, such as stock videos, could be used for this project within Artivive.
The Tornado’s Path of Destruction
Pre-existing stock video

Plant Growth illustrated through the Zucchini Plant
Still image animation

The Process of Photosynthesis
Still image animation

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