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Branding and Concept Development  |  Spring 2024 

Kite Community Wellness Center

Project Description

To create a brand that empowers individuals to pursue deeper community engagement through fitness, wellness, and community activities.

Primary message statement: Empowering one another to navigate life’s windy skies together through proactive fitness, clinical health, and community life.

The community center addresses the need to build healthy habits and stronger community. Individuals need a space that welcomes them to create these habits and relationships. Kite, therefore, is built on a need for trust, inspiration, growth, and wellness.

Kite welcomes all people with a particular target focus on young adults. As this demographic is often educated with a value for authenticity and a desire for social connections, Kite’s brand identity promises stability and excitement to create the environment they desire. 

Intended impact: to excite the target audience to join the center as members, to continue returning and to invite friends to join. The bright colors, uplifting imagery, and bold designs encourage individuals to explore new skies and allow the winds of life to carry them to new heights, embracing the adventure through the strength of community.

Concept Development

Name ideas generated from three main themes: community, freedom, and adventure.

Additional names considered were Dawn, Horizon, Blueprint, and Compass Rose each of which explores the possibilities of life and calls to mind structure yet opportunity, hope, and excitement.

I further explored two names, Kite and Aurora, and their corresponding visual concepts.

With an optimistic, welcoming, and fun identity, Kite’s visual concept better addresses the target audience’s need for a safe and authentic community center. 

Concept 1: Kite explores the use of bright colors and playful imagery to excite individuals through positivity and possibility.

Concept 2: Aurora uses soft sunset hues and imagery to create a calm, comfortable, peaceful environment that is friendly and welcoming in a gentle, dreamy way. 

Wordmark Process
I started by sketching different wordmark concepts by altering elements of various typefaces. I began to focus on creating the “i” in Kite to represent a person. The typeface Capitolium was finally chosen for its clean, defined serifs and curves that give it a feeling of stability and excitement. 

The morph of the serif of the “K” into a kite became the foundation of the brand to recall not only the name of the center when the “K” is seen alone, but also to pay homage to the creativity and freedom the brand represents. The “i” and “K” transform the wordmark into the brand identity and symbolize the authentic community of the center.  

“Kite” in the original typeface Capitolium before alterations were made: 

Montserrat was chosen for any additional text in the brand identity. The open apertures and wide letterforms contribute to its legibility. The simplicity of the letterforms keeps the text clean and undistracting.

Final Wordmark Solution 
A bright sky blue and vibrant green make up the gradient that defines the colors for the brand identity. The colors not only symbolize the earth and the sky, but also call to mind cleanliness, growth, freedom, and community.

The “K” of the wordmark became the symbol for the center due to its versatility and adaptability to various designs. In terms of visual durability, with its unique serif and thick stem, the “K” is recognizable even at small sizes, calling to mind the most important aspects of the brand, optimism and uplifting community.
Final Wordmark

Kite Community Wellness Center is divided into three main departments to best meet the needs of its members and provide them with the groundwork for cultivating healthy habits and fostering stronger community. 

Each department has its own wing of the building for office and equipment space. Kite offers additional amenities that are not necessarily specific to just one department as well and encourages fostering community throughout.

The department identities are consistent with the overall Kite brand identity with additional elements distinct to each department. 

The three logos are built from elements of the wordmark to keep a consistent look.

I chose to pursue this concept to show a study in consistent designing within a brand but distinction within each element so the designs can also stand alone.


The Proactive Fitness Department encourages individuals to pursue healthy habits through offering various fitness classes, one-on-one coaching, gym equipment for personal use, and different sporting activities.

Various amenities found in this wing of the center include a gym, indoor and outdoor sports courts used in coaching or organized games, an athletic pool, etc.
Department brand identity:

Imagery: powerful, active, and inspiring.

Accent color: purple to represent endurance and overcoming obstacles.

The Clinical Health Department offers regular check-ups with trained professionals, emergency services, and other scheduled appointments with physicians.

The department is equipped with the professional medical equipment needed to meet the standard needs of the community center members.

Department brand identity:

Imagery: clean, professional, and medical.

Accent color: white to represent cleanliness, trust, and new beginnings.

The Community Life Department offers assorted activities such as meals, counseling, and games that encourage members to spend time with one another.

Various amenities found in this wing of the center include a leisure pool, indoor and outdoor hangout areas including fire pits, food courts, and sports courts used in leisure and unorganized fun, etc.
Department brand identity:

Imagery: happy, inspiring, and communal.

Accent color: orange to represent togetherness, positivity, happiness, and warmth.

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